Cutter's Edge



Cutters Edge has introduced NEXT GENERATION engine technology to all of its saws for more power, more torque, better fuel efficiency and 75% fewer emissions. The new Stratified-charged dual-air intake engine technology significantly improves overall cutting performance and meets all Air Quality Control standards at the same time. See the engine video on our homepage.

In addition to the new engine technology, Cutters Edge has also added reflective labels on all saws and offers an optional illuminating handle to help see the saws and operators better in dark and smoky conditions.

Today’s MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saw includes two engine sizes; 70.7cc and 87.9cc. Each engine is designed for use with the carbide tipped Cutters Edge BULLET® Our exclusive external Multi-Stage Air Filtration System enables the saws to run up to 12 times longer in hot and smoke filled environments and a full-wrap handle ensures high performance cutting in any position.