Engine 442

BPVFD Engine 442 - 2015 Pierce Custom Pumper (Impel Chassis) - 450 HP Cummins ISL9 Engine

- Waterous 1250GPM top-mount pump, 1250 gallon tank
- 10kW Harrison hydraulic generator
- Preconnected bumper low profile suction on top of 1.75in bumper handline
- Three cross lays (200ft of 1.75in / 250ft of 1.75in / 200ft of 2.5in)
- 1,000 feet of large diameter (4in) hose / 500 additional feet of 2.5in hose / Hard suction hose (6in & 2.5in)
- Rear access to interior ladder storage
- 5 MSA air pack seats and a 6th pack mounted in the cab for the operator
- Blitzfire capability, high-rise pack and kit
- 6000W Will-Burt night scan light tower and portable scene lighting capabilities
- 6 portable radios and repeating capabilities
- Cutter's Edge & wood chainsaws
- 16in electric positive pressure ventilation fan
- Portable drafting pump
- Array of hand tools and additional air bottles + Four-gas meter